Children’s Toy and Book Shop

Children’s Toy and Book Shop ~ Toys are likely to be grouped according to the type of toy or the age group the toy in intended for. See if your child can understand the links between toys which are grouped together in your toy shop. Most children have a variety of toys that encourage different skills. Toys are designed with many objectives in mind. Some encourage imaginary play, some help children to be creative, some are for outdoor play and some are for comfort.

Ask your child to think about his own toys. Can he suggest similar alternatives for some of the toys he has? For example, if he has logo bricks, what could he have instead, to build things with? Pencil crayons, what could he have instead, to draw with? A tricycle, what else could he have to play with outside? A teddy bears, a model cars, what else could he play imaginary games with? What toys are suitable for babies and very young children? Can your child suggest a few? Look at the book section in your toy shop. What type of books attracts your child? Can he tell you why? Can he select a suitable book for his elder sibling or a friend’s baby?

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