Positioning Of Food Items

All supermarkets group different types of food in different areas of the shop. Their layout is not necessarily the same as other supermarkets, but there will be logic behind it. Before going shopping, involve your child in looking through kitchen cupboards to find out what you need and encourage him to help you make a list, sorting the food on your list into various categories. Can he suggest simple categories to you, for example, drinks, fruit, vegetables, baby food, freezer food, bread and cakes, meat and fish, fridge food like milk, yoghurt, cheese etc? Take this list to the supermarket and encourage your child to suggest to you where you might find some of the simpler items you have on your list. For instance, the apples are here, can you find the bananas for me? The milk is here, so where might I find the yoghurt? The frozen food is in a freezer, so where will I find the ice cream?

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