Sounds & Smells in Supermarket

If tins, packets and jars do not have pictures on them, how else can you tell what is inside them? Consider the sounds foods and drinks make inside their packaging. Without encouraging children to shake everything in sight, let them listen to variety of foods. They will notice that liquids make a sloshing sound, rice, dry pasta and cereals rattle. Some fruits and vegetables make squeaking noises inside their packaging.

Different areas of the supermarket will smell different. Point out the lovely fresh smells of fruit in the fresh produce area, the fragrant smells of soap and shampoo in the chemist section, the smell of freshly baked bread and rolls in the bakery, the scent of flowers in the garden area and the smells of soap powder and cleaning agents in the household section. Ask him to close his eyes and tell you when you reach certain areas of the supermarket, just by using his sense of smell.


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